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The primary essence of joining a global network is meeting your new partners in order to build relationships amongst each other bringing more opportunities together. And the most effective, cost-efficient and time saving to do it is meeting them all in one place. At North Star, the network highly encourages all members to attend our annual conferences.

This yearly meeting involve a combination of network and industry updates, social activities and face to face interactions to make sure that the community remains active. Business maintenance and development only happens when you are familiar and comfortable with your partners, on this basis we encourage members to invest into their relationships.

Our kick-off Meeting will be held in Shangri-La Bangkok, Thailand on September 28 - October 1, 2021. More details on the event will be announced soon. Should you want to be the first to receive the official event announcement, just send us an email at fcl@northstarforwarders.com

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Carina Cosejo-Dator

Network Admin Manager