The first Network of FCL Forwarders Worldwide
The first Network of FCL Forwarders Worldwide

Without a doubt, sea freight is the single most important mode of international trade transport. It accounts for the vast majority of cargo movements globally—over 90% of global trade moves via containerships. Every FCL Forwarder aims to handle containers properly with shipping lines from their origin to the world and vice versa, in order to satisfy container loading clients.

NORTHSTAR is the Global FCL Forwarders Alliance, connecting quality and specialized FCL Forwarders from all over the world. Apart from being the first network of FCL Forwarders worldwide, NORTHSTAR also excels in profiling agents with shipping line contracts, ensuring that forwarders secure more competitive deals and rates than those without contracts with shipping lines.

Together, we will help each other seek the best and most strategic solutions for the FCL business, expanding each organization’s reach and horizons, and increasing the number of available deals and opportunities.

NORTHSTAR is actively seeking reliable FCL Forwarders to join the network. Currently, we have 70+ Founding Members and more than 150 Interested FCL Forwarders.

If you are a sea freight forwarder handling FCL movements, this is the network for you!

Welcome to NORTHSTAR, the First Global FCL Forwarders Alliance!


Source: as of May 2024